Eleven Heart & Mind Healthy Holiday Tips

♥ Don’t skip meals to save up for a feast. It will be harder to manage your blood sugar and you’ll be really hungry and more likely to overeat.

♥ Schedule some “me” time every day – a nap, dog walk, reading, or just relaxing.

♥ Break up physical activity into smaller chunks so it’s easier to schedule. For example, walk 10 minutes several times a day.

♥ Visit the people, not the food. Move socializing away from the food table to prevent overeating. Put your focus on family and friends, laughter and cheer.

♥ If you have a sweat tooth, cut back on other carbs (like potatoes and bread) during the meal.

♥ Enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie instead of pecan pie. Even with a dollop of whipped cream, you’ll cut calories and sugar by at least a third.

♥ Choose your splurges wisely. Stick to calorie-free drinks. Alcoholic beverages contribute empty calories and can cause you to make poor judgements with food. Alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water.

♥ Savor seasonal treats. Having treats once a year will not make or break your weight. Eat slowly and check your fullness levels while you are eating. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize you are full.

♥ Don’t feel guilty. If you did overindulge, don’t beat yourself up. Just make sure your next meal is healthy and be sure to incorporate exercise into your routine.

♥ Get your ZZZ’s. When you are sleep deprived you tend to eat more and prefer high-fat, high-sugar foods. Aim for 7 to 8 hours per night to guard against mindless eating.

♥ Mind your mind! Find moments throughout the season to practice gratitude, meditate and relish your time. Managing stress is good for your head and heart.