Building Hope Summit County – Providing Mental Health Support for the Community

As we all begin our journey into the new normal, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused massive changes in our daily lives. At Building Hope, they recognize that those life adjustments often come with a wide variety of emotions. The journey from social isolation to in-person interactions with strangers, friends and co-workers can induce feelings of excitement, exhilaration, anxiety, fatigue and frustration. It’s ok.

It’s ok to not be ok because this is what many are feeling. You are not alone. Building Hope offers a variety of innovative programs and partnerships that provide immediate access to therapeutic support groups, tools and scholarships for therapy for people underinsured or unable to pay.

The Building Hope scholarship program grew from a place of great love and great need and has had a major impact on the mental health landscape in Summit County, as have their other innovations. Building Hope’s partnership with Peak Health Alliance ensures that physical and mental healthcare in the high country is affordable. The organization’s insurance incentive program encourages independent therapists to take insurance so that everyone can access the care that is needed. In addition, the FREE connectedness events and HYPE youth events bring people of all ages together in a safe and supportive space to meet new friends and inspire resilience through the power of connection.

Building Hope extends its thanks to BGV Gives – an amazing partner in our community healing efforts – for their generous support of Building Hope. Building Hope urges all of our Summit County friends, families and loved ones to reach out to someone they care about and assure them that however they’re feeling, it’s ok. They are not alone.

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