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BGV Employees Celebrate Our Planet

April was Earth Month, and our employees took it to heart! Events were planned, initiatives were taken, all for the greater good of Mother Earth. Employees from across the company jumped at the opportunity to get outside or make changes to benefit the sustainability of our operations.

Check out our top five earth month wins!

  1. The BGV Owner Relations Department organized a trash cleanup along Airport Road. Their last two cleanups have resulted in 19 bags of trash which is about 380 pounds!
  2. BGV moved from a physical printed plastic owner card to a digital owner card. This saves us from printing thousands of plastic cards a year.
  3. BGV employees who live at the Moose Landing complex picked up trash along their neighborhood road. Seven bags of trash were collected.
  4. The Breck Inn switched to a paperless check-in, saving them nearly a full ream of paper every week! Not only has this switch saved them paper, but it has also made the check-in process smoother and a more positive guest experience.
  5. On Earth Day itself, the Sustainability Department organized a virtual compost class. A compost professional joined us online and taught us how to start our own compost at home. The High Country Conservation Center (HC3) also stopped by and pioneered a Food Scraps Challenge! HC3 encouraged people to learn about composting in the High Country and to sign up for their Food Scraps Program. The goal was to get 20 new people signed up….we got 16! So close!

We know plenty of people took part in Earth Month and we are so proud of these examples and initiatives coming from our own employees! It speaks volume that many of these were self-driven events and organized by folks in many different departments. We want to thank our employees for being so amazing and for showing that they care about this place where we live and play, and that owners and guests come to enjoy!